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Jeff C. Johnson, CFP®

author, speaker, teacher, and financial planner

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Praise for Jeff Johnson's The Five Financial Foundations:

This is outstanding work.

— Gerry Finnegan, CFP®, lecturer in finance at the College of Business Administration, University of Nebraska- Lincoln

Praise for Jeff Johnson's The Extreme Retirement Planning Workbook: Navigating the Next 30 Years:

I was recently given the opportunity to read Jeff Johnson’s first book, The Extreme Retirement Planning Workbook, and I think it is a must-have tool for every person’s retirement-planning toolbox! After 30 years in the investment and retirement industry, this easy-to-follow, results-oriented, and step-by-step process is really a breath of fresh air. If you are already retired, use this book as a second opinion and a “tune-up.” If you are just starting to plan your retirement, don’t let this valuable tool slip through your fingers!

— Jim Lunney, CFP®, CEP, author Surviving the Storm (McGraw-Hill, 2007), Certified Financial Planner Professional, Certified Estate Planner, Registered Investment Advisor

When Is It Time to Sell?

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Don't Confuse Brains with a Bull Market

It’s a lot of fun to buy, sell, and own stocks in a rising “bull” market. I’ve done it, and it made me feel really smart! When the inevitable downside comes, I’m reminded of one...

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