Saving Money in Your Twenties Is Tough — But It Can Be Done!

by Jeff C. Johnson

I realize it can be a challenge to save money in your twenties. Between how much school costs and the cost of living now, it seems impossible.

But it can be done.

If you are a recent or soon-to-be graduate from high school or college, this is for you.

The perfect time to learn financial skills is when you start earning an income from employment. And this is when you should start putting intentional money habits to work in your life.

Build a foundation for future financial wellness now, when time is on your side.

Save what you can and increase it over time.

Take advantage of compounding interest and make time work for you.

Do not waste the incredible opportunity to save money before you turn thirty!

Start today by saving some part of the money you receive as earnings from work. The tips you collect as a server, or cash gifts from your rich aunt or generous grandfather. It can be small in the beginning.

The important thing is to start creating the habit. 

Commit now to save at least one dollar every time you handle money. Then begin building from there.

Saving even the smallest amount today can help you build the healthy financial habits to save more and invest for your bigger future. 

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