The Five Financial Foundations for Physicians

The Five Financial Foundations for Physicians

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The Five Financial Foundations will help you take control of your financial life.

To become a physician, you had to study, learn, study more … and probably borrow a lot of money. It’s fair and just that you should be well compensated for your work. But some physicians don’t do well financially, in spite of high earnings and enjoying the respect of their patients, the community, and society.

The Five Financial Foundations were developed over 30 years of my career as a stockbroker, financial planner, and teacher. By observing real people who intuitively applied these basic principles, I was able to learn the simple secrets to working toward building a secure financial life.

But the rules are different for you. As a physician, you’ve gotten a later start in your financial life than others, and that’s why I wrote this book for you.

Inside you will learn about the specific reasons physicians sometimes face financial failure and how to develop a clearly defined path that you can take to get control of your financial life.

58 pages • 8.5 × 11 • charts, worksheet

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