The Extreme Retirement Planning Workbook

The Extreme Retirement Planning Workbook

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The Extreme Retirement Planning Workbook is your no-nonsense, practical guide to retirement planning. With 12 worksheets, projects, and checklists and 14 informational tables and charts, this book will help you focus on important aspects of retirement planning, including making the decision to retire, how to accumulate and invest for retirement, planning for your retirement income, how life insurance and personal care insurance can affect your retirement, and how to prepare for wealth transfers. In just 112 pages, you will find a remarkable amount of information and advice on how to develop the best possible plan for your retirement.

After 30 years in the investment and retirement industry, this easy-to-follow, results-oriented, and step-by-step process is really a breath of fresh air. If you are already retired, use this book as a second opinion and a “tune-up.” If you are just starting to plan your retirement, don’t let this valuable tool slip through your fingers!

— Jim Lunney, CFP®, CEP, author Surviving the Storm (McGraw-Hill, 2007), Certified Financial Planner Professional, Certified Estate Planner, Registered Investment Advisor

This second edition has been updated for current figures and statistics, and it has been revised for a larger physical size, 8.5 × 11, allowing more room for the tables and worksheets and making it even easier to use for your retirement planning.

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