Retire When Ready

by Jeff C. Johnson

retired man reading newspaper on beachContemplating retirement? Make the move into life-after-work only when you are truly ready, and that doesn’t mean just having enough cash and investments to live the rest of your life in comfort. It means you have a plan for what you will do with your life after you no longer have to work again. It means being intentional about how your approach spending this potentially vast “fund” of time available to you.

Though retirement from work is a fairly new concept in the history of mankind, many people today view it both as a right and as their number one life goal. However, many are disappointed, or at least less than thrilled, with their life-after-work due to lack of direction in their nonfinancial life. I’ve seen it hundreds of times, and just about everyone knows someone who faded into poor health (or worse) shortly after retiring.

If you are approaching retirement, make a list of the things that will keep you engaged and excited with life. In the second chapter of my Extreme Retirement Planning Workbook, there is a great tool, a weekly worksheet, that has helped many of my real-life clients decide that it really is time to set a retirement date because they are ready! Others quickly get back to work, knowing that they have some things to figure out about their future lifestyle.

Be serious when planning your financial life and your nonfinancial life in retirement. Invest your financial resources wisely, for sure. But also put some significant thought into your plan for daily and weekly activities in your life-after-work.

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