Permanently Partially Distracted

by Jeff C. Johnson

Distracted by their smartphones

Our world today is permanently partially distracted. This is true of most everyone who has a mobile phone with apps, text messaging, email, and social media connects. With so many conversations and contacts, it’s like having hundreds of balls in the air at one time. It’s a barrier to concentration and focus. It’s the urgent taking precedence over the important.

The media blasts us with messages in print and electronically, and it comes to us in our pockets or purses at a rate of dozens per hour.

Stock market gurus, even the ones with questionable track records, become television stars.

With all of this noise, it’s sometimes difficult to maintain focus, to be intentional, and to execute a well-thought-out financial plan that requires the discipline to hold the course for more than a few days.

As you begin a new year, consider what it is that you can do for the long-term, and what I mean by long term is 20 years or more. Discover what is possible, from a historical perspective, over long periods of time in the investment markets.

If you are earnestly searching for an approach to embrace for the long term, one to steward the wealth you will use to live the rest of your life and the assets you can someday transfer to your family or favorite charities, I have books to recommend to you.

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