Having Healthy Financial Habits Will Help You Live the Life You Want

by Jeff C. Johnson

Open sign in shop window

Buying lots of stuff and excess material goods really doesn’t make you happy. There might be a thrill when you buy something new, but it wears off quickly.

If you want happiness, it is healthy financial habits that will get you there.

The obvious value of healthy habits is the low stress of being financially secure. And how financial freedom affects you and the people you love. People who are in financial control experience a certain feeling of confidence. This confidence usually enhances a successful marriage and an enjoyable family life.

It means raising children in a healthy way and providing for education at various levels.

It can help you consider career and work opportunities that might otherwise not be possible.

It can provide the ability to start a small business rather than working for a low hourly rate.

It might even mean that early in life, work will be optional altogether!

Having excess cash also opens opportunities to support your important charities or causes.

The only tradeoff for all of these benefits is perhaps cutting back spending early in life. But when you do, you can save money and begin growing wealth in your twenties!

And when you consider that saving early gives you the life you want, it’s a pretty good tradeoff.

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