How to Get the Financial Wind at Your Back for Smooth Sailing

by Jeff C. Johnson

There’s nothing better than the feeling of having the wind at your back. A tailwind can make brisk walking, running, or biking easier!

It’s far better than facing stiff headwinds and, in your financial life, the same is true.

Having the financial wind at your back makes life, relationships, and career feel like a breeze. If you can accumulate savings and investments with positive returns, and pay off or reduce loans and debts, cutting interest costs, your capital works for you!

Getting the financial wind at your back is important to plan for at every stage of your life. Some ways you can do that include:

Setting yourself up to have higher earnings from work. 

Eliminating unnecessary expenses.

Building savings and investments.

Be wise in how you build your investment portfolio, add to accounts, and pay down debts.

You have to get both financial engines working for you—your human capital (working and earning) and your financial capital (investments and savings).

When you are consistently adding to your investments, and the long-term return on your investments is greater than the interest cost of your loans, this is when you know that the financial wind is at your back.

The sooner in life you can get the wind at your back, the better!