The Five Financial Foundations (Ebook)

The Five Financial Foundations (Ebook)

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If everyone embraced the Five Financial Foundations in this book, the world would probably be a better place. I know that's a bold statement, but I firmly believe it.

The Five Financial Foundations were developed over 30 years of my career as a stockbroker, financial planner, and teacher. By observing real people who intuitively applied these basic principles, I was able to learn the simple secrets to working toward building a secure financial life. Best of all, I learned that these people almost always benefited in nonfinancial ways—less work and worry as life progressed, happy marriages and family situations, and a calm that is the result of having a sense of "Financial Confidence."

If you want a bigger and better future, if you want to be empowered and motivated to start building a firm financial foundation, if you want your stress over finances to be lower and your financial security to be higher, then this book is for you.

"This is outstanding work."

—Gerry Finnegan, CFP™, lecturer in finance at the College of Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The ebook includes five initial assessments and seven examples, tables, and charts, as well as an excerpt chapter from The Extreme Retirement Planning Workbook: Navigating the Next 30 Years. 

The ebook bundle includes the following files: MOBI (for Kindle), EPUB (for everyone else), and PDF.