The Eight Points of Financial Confidence (Revised and Expanded Second Edition)

The Eight Points of Financial Confidence (Revised and Expanded Second Edition)

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"Many Americans find money, identifying their financial goals, and planning for the future overwhelming. Jeff makes the key components of a personal financial plan accessible to all of us who are looking to be intentional and more at ease about the future."
—Geoffrey Brown, CAE, CEO of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors


You’re not alone if you wonder how you are doing financially. Having been a wealth manager for over half of my life, I am often asked questions like “How do I know if I am doing OK?” or “Do I have enough money to educate my kids and someday retire?” or “Is there something more I should be doing?”

Our world has no lack of financial information and mass media advice that is sometimes confusing and difficult to apply. Piecing together bits of advice from television, magazines, blogs, etc., leaves many people confused, unfocused, and underconfident about their financial and life events planning.

The subject of this book is a process of systematic thinking and planning that I named the Eight Points of Financial Confidence. It is a comprehensive planning checklist I use in my wealth management practice to advise my clients. Though it is a standardized list of questions, the answers are based on investor-client responses, making each resulting plan a unique and custom road map to Financial Confidence.

If you wonder how you are doing financially and want to know you are on the right track, then The Eight Points of Financial Confidence was written for you. Get started right now by answering the questions in chapter one of this book and take the first step on the path to being financially confident.