Written Goals Are Like a Magnet

by Jeff C. Johnson

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

In the classic book Think and Grow Rich, author Napoleon Hill states, “Written goals are like a magnet that draws you to them.” I’ve found this to be absolutely true, having worked with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of individuals in the development of their life and financial plans.

How you record your goals is unimportant, except that they must be in writing; you can jot down notes on index cards (which I am famous for doing), create a notebook or journal, or simply refer to the financial action plan written by your wealth adviser. You can also get a copy of my book The Eight Points of Financial Confidence and make your notes and thoughts about planning on the charts and questionnaires I incorporate in the book.

Regular review and contemplation of a future life goal or goals will greatly increase the probability of your success.

Part of my personal “real-life MBA” library is Think and Grow Rich. Get a copy and read it with pen or highlighter in hand.