Where to Live in Your Retirement Years

by Jeff C. Johnson

Older man reading by Lucerne Lake, Switzerland

We are a mobile society, that’s pretty clear. A couple generations ago, many families lived, worked, retired, and were buried in one locale. Today, it’s not a given. Magazine articles and blog posts with titles like “Best Places to Retire” are everywhere, adding that decision to the retirement-planning process. Sometimes it’s confusing, and sometimes it’s a bigger decision than the actual investment of retirement assets.

I have had a lot of firsthand experience discussing the relocation decision with a number of clients. As a result, I created a simple worksheet to assist clients as they consider what/where/if they should relocate in their golden years.

On the worksheet below, I listed 10 important metrics to evaluate how a new city or state might suit a person. This chart might be especially valuable if you are considering several locations and wish to compare them. If any of the categories I include are unimportant to you, you can cross them out and replace them with another consideration.

You might want to use the chart to compare where you are now living versus that potential new home. I’m personally acquainted with quite a few people that relocated, only to move back “home” after a few years away.

Where to Live worksheet

(Download a PDF of the worksheet to print out and work on.)