What Is Your Mission, Really?

by Jeff C. Johnson

The One Thing by Gary Keller

I’ve been a coaching client of the legendary Dan Sullivan at Strategic Coach for most of the last decade. Dan has a way of taking the complicated, cloudy issues of work and life and reducing them to a question that will freeze you in your tracks. Discovering your answer to these pinpointed questions usually leads to wonderful, satisfying life and professional progress.

At the beginning of one calendar year, Dan asked me this question: “Jeff, if you could do one thing that would keep you occupied and totally fascinated for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

I just stared at him. Speechless. Answering this question thoughtfully, however, could lead many people to a much more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Off the bat, can you answer this question? If you can’t do it right now, or within the next few days, find some time off alone and consider what it is that could be your key to a “fascinating” life.

In his phenomenal book The One Thing, Gary W. Keller, founder of Keller Williams Realty, takes this complicated, unanswered question and, step-by-step, leads his readers to a discovery of their most important, most desired lifetime achievement. I recommend the print edition along with the online tools referred to in the text. 

Discovering your most important goal(s) is the first step to actually realizing them. Reach your definition of success on purpose, rather than some random result by accident.

Setting your goals is the first of the Eight Points of Financial Confidence. To learn more about these Eight Points, order a copy of my book The Eight Points of Financial Confidence, soon to be released in a second edition, available on this website for $11.95.